Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tutorial: Quick Hobby Themed Scarves

Are you getting stressed? I am! Less than a month till Christmas and I am still needing last minute gifts to make. I have a acquaintance who kind of drives me crazy but I have friends in the class that I see him at. I want to make my friends gifts and I now feel obligated to make him something too.
I know he LOVES music so I whipped up this simple scarf:
Yard or two of fleece
Scrap fleece in accenting color
Self healing mat/ rotary cutter
Embroidery floss that accents
both colors of fleece
Large eyed needle
Straight pins(not shown)
You need to draw and cut out a applique pattern ( music note) depending on the interest of the person to receive the scarf.

If you do not have a self healing mat, use scissors and a yard stick

Cut your main color of fleece into strips that are 8in wide and however long you like.

Now cut fringe one inch thick and two long.

I think that the fringe looks a bit weird like this....
So I pull on it a bit to stretch it out
Take your accent fleece and your applique pattern and line them up so that there is the least waste possible.
pin and cut.

Lay the piece on your scarf

Cut, thread and tie a not with you floss
pin your applique

Sew in the running stitch all the way around

You can also buy a scarf and just sew on the icon! This way is more fun.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

NEW: Christmas banner!

I got a Wacom Bamboo tablet for my birthday last year and I have had so much fun doodling up my banner photos for halloween and christmas. Check out my new banner Here.

Also watch this video:
My grandpa sent it to me a few days ago.

See you again soon,
Rainbow Zbra

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tutorial: Fabric covered notebook.

I used up the last page of my journal 3 nights ago. So I have made a new one. 
Here is how I did it:

Fabric Covered Journal
(You may want to center the pocket better than I did)       
What you need:
Composition book
Two fabrics. (One that you can open your
book on with room to spare and one that is a lot smaller for a pocket is Optional.)
Hot glue gun 
Glue rods for the glue gun

Plug in your glue gun and let it warm up

While you are waiting open up your book on the fabric and....

cut around leaving about(not exact) a one inch border

Next, notch the corners

Like so:

then when the gun is hot run a line of glue along one side.

Quickly! fold over the fabric before the glue cools(I hate glue guns.)

On the top and bottom ends you get something like this:

So you need to cut a triangular notch like this:

Repeat till all sides are glued


Now cut a square of fabric that is about half and inch bigger on all sides than you want your pocket to be.

And run glue along the bottom side of the fabric(on the right side of the fabric) and place it where you want the bottom of the pocket to go. It should fold over like this:

Hem the top edge by running some glue along the veeery edge and folding it over with the wrong sides together.

Now fold over one side and run glue along the right side that is exposed (like in the pic) then flip the piece up and repeat on the other side.

You will want to position you pocket better than I did.

Check out my fall Ravelry post!

Hey american readers, Its almost thanks giving! Are you shopping for ingredients or starting early cooking? For my non-American readers (you probably know this already) but thanksgiving is an American holiday celebrating the feast we had with the indians when we first settled in the new world. We spend thanks giving eating turkeys and other great(and rich) foods. We also give thanks for the many blessings that we have been given. I will now present a thanksgiving themed Ravelry post.

Owl fingerless gloves!

No? Well that will have to do because I have been so busy with school work (No, I am not off on thanksgiving. I am homeschooled and mom choses the schedule (i'm not complaining)

Anyway here is the link: Gloves!  

There is a great tutorial coming tomorrow so keep your eye out.

Rainbow Zbra

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Review: Bernat Cottontot yarns

Bernat Cottontot review
I have been scrambling to knit up 3 pairs of slippers for my younger brothers and sisters.(one of them would not like slippers so I still need to whip something up for him) I used up some of my stash yarn. The pattern called for doubled up yarn. I did not have time to unroll and reroll the yarn so that it was doubled so I just mixed colors. Ihad two skeins of bernat cottontot yarn one darkish purple and the other variegated blue, white, and green(both discontinued).
I really didn't enjoy knitting with this yarn. As I knit it pilled up and fuzzies got EVERYWHERE! Yes I know that most yarns shed a bit but this  was insane. I can't wait to get rid of this yarn. It is a great yarn for baby items but it is a pain to knit with.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Wurst Fest!

New story about my crafting life!

Last saturday, the tenth, me and my family including my paternal grandparents went to a festival that is held once a year held in New Braunfels, Texas. the festival is called WurstFest German for sausage festival. "Wurstfest always starts the Friday before the first Monday in November."
The first thing that I did was go to get my face painted. I waited in line (we where early so there was only two girls before my and my sister) and decided what I wanted. "I would like the zebra," I said when it was my turn."but can you make it rainbow?" "We will see" the lady said and started to paint.
I know you must be anxious to see how it turned out so here it is:
Isn't it great? I may have to change all my Rainbowzbra Pic's to this one.

After eating more potato pancakes and funnel cake than I would have liked  me and my grandpa went to the craft show (It is now advertised well on the grounds but if you are there go to gate one and the men there can show you the way). At the craft show there was a LOT of jewelry booths. There was a "re-born" baby booth, a etched glass booth, a pet accessories booth, and someone selling tee-shirts.
My favorite booth was a woman who was selling russian dolls. Here are the pics I took there:
She was already selling christmas stuff!
Winnie The Pooh!
So tiny
She had tons!

I bought a doll and some earrings from her. Here are some more pictures.