Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tutorial: Quick Hobby Themed Scarves

Are you getting stressed? I am! Less than a month till Christmas and I am still needing last minute gifts to make. I have a acquaintance who kind of drives me crazy but I have friends in the class that I see him at. I want to make my friends gifts and I now feel obligated to make him something too.
I know he LOVES music so I whipped up this simple scarf:
Yard or two of fleece
Scrap fleece in accenting color
Self healing mat/ rotary cutter
Embroidery floss that accents
both colors of fleece
Large eyed needle
Straight pins(not shown)
You need to draw and cut out a applique pattern ( music note) depending on the interest of the person to receive the scarf.

If you do not have a self healing mat, use scissors and a yard stick

Cut your main color of fleece into strips that are 8in wide and however long you like.

Now cut fringe one inch thick and two long.

I think that the fringe looks a bit weird like this....
So I pull on it a bit to stretch it out
Take your accent fleece and your applique pattern and line them up so that there is the least waste possible.
pin and cut.

Lay the piece on your scarf

Cut, thread and tie a not with you floss
pin your applique

Sew in the running stitch all the way around

You can also buy a scarf and just sew on the icon! This way is more fun.

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